When the time comes for a couple to go their separate ways, they can choose to take control of their futures through mediation. After all, who knows your lives better than you? In the mediation process, both parties work together and compromise for their own futures and the futures of their children.

As an experienced family law attorney trained as a mediator, Bonnie M. Weir can facilitate the process by which you decide how to resolve some or all issues including child custody and parenting time, child support, spousal support, and equitable distribution of assets and liabilities. The mediation allows you to move through the decision making process at your own pace and to use creative ways to resolve issues. If you need the assistance of experts (i.e., valuation of assets), they can be included in the process. As a mediator, Ms. Weir cannot give either party legal advice but rather can work with you to listen and hear one another and facilitate a compromise and resolution of issues. You can work with or without attorneys but should always consult an attorney for legal advice regarding the resolution of the issues.

Once an agreement is reached on all issues, a Memorandum of Understanding is prepared which the parties’ attorneys may use to prepare a Matrimonial Settlement Agreement which will govern life after divorce. If only some issues are resolved, it limits the issues for a court or arbitrator to decide.

The advantages to mediation are truly significant. It is less expensive than proceeding through the court and a possible contested trial. It allows you to proceed at your own pace without looming court deadlines. Best of all, it allows you to make the decisions that best suit all members of your family.

Bonnie M. Weir's knowledge of family law, coupled with her commercial litigation experience, allow her to guide you through the mediation and negotiation process to achieve the end result. The process is completely confidential and non-binding unless you choose to use the Memorandum of Understanding to create a final settlement agreement. Unless your starting goal is to engage in battle knowing the assets will be dwindled away in the process, you have nothing to lose in attempting the mediation process. Ms. Weir's goal is to assist you in achieving your goal of resolving the issues your way.

Ms. Weir also provides services as a private attorney to review an agreement negotiated through the assistance of another mediator or to represent a client in mediation.

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