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These 4 mistakes could lead to disciplinary action

On Behalf of | Nov 22, 2022 | Health Care Law

As a medical practitioner, you rely on your professional license. Unfortunately, maintaining a license takes more than a quality medical practice. Many good doctors and other health care providers face disciplinary actions due to avoidable mistakes.

Continue reading to learn about four mistakes you should avoid that might lead to disciplinary action. Make the necessary changes right away to help protect your license.

1. Maintaining multiple state licenses

This does not lead to disciplinary action per se, but maintaining licenses in several states might compound your punishment. Other state boards might also request a hearing if one board disciplines you. Please do not assume your additional state licenses expire because you no longer use them. See about relinquishing state licenses you do not need.

2. Neglecting continuing education

According to the New Jersey State Board of Medical Examiners, every licensed physician and other health care providers must continue their medical education. The Boards set the standards that your profession requires to maintain good standing.

3. Delegating reports

Delegating the report of a disciplinary event might lead to more problems with the Board. Your staff might not understand the proper procedure for following up with disciplinary action. If you delegate responsibilities, ensure you follow up with your team and review every report before submission. Take an active role in maintaining good standing with the medical board or other licensing board.

4. Failing to negotiate penalties

You might have multiple options for penalties. Be proactive throughout the disciplinary process to minimize the adverse effects of your disciplinary event. Exploring your choices might make a difference in possible suspensions or other hindrances.

Medical practitioners and other health care providers who work openly and honestly with the Board of Medical Examiners and other respective Boards have a better chance of avoiding penalties. Take care of your license, and do not delegate any responsibility without proper training.