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Contract Guidance You Can Rely On

Businesses rely on contracts every day to function. As a business owner, you must have contracts that reflect your needs and protect your interests when disputes arise. Whether you are an individual, small business or large company, you need an attorney who can not only protect you by preparing an appropriate contract but also an attorney who can protect your interests in contract litigation.

Attorney Bonnie Weir has over 30 years of litigation experience and has worked with businesses throughout New Jersey from The Weir Law Firm, LLC, in Bridgewater. From commercial litigation to health care law, she knows what makes a solid contract that will protect your interests under New Jersey law.

Why Do You Need A Contract?

To best protect your business and personal interests, contracts should always be in writing. Attorneys will often say “if it is not written, it does not exist.” While oral contracts can be enforceable, the terms of an oral agreement are usually difficult to prove.

On the other hand, you do not always need a formal contract and you can often use many forms of writing to establish the existence and terms of a contract. This has become easier to do in our electronic world. Since we live in a litigious society, you can best protect your business by documenting any transaction in writing.

From Negotiation To Litigation

Attorney Bonnie Weir can assist you by drafting, negotiating or reviewing the following types of contracts:

If you end up in litigation over a contract, Bonnie is a skilled and aggressive litigator who will defend your rights. Do not allow litigation to disrupt your business and risk everything you have built. Bonnie and her team will work with you to find a creative solution to settle your case or vigorously defend your rights in court.

Frequently Asked Questions About Business Contracts And Breaches In New Jersey

Being familiar with New Jersey’s legal landscape regarding contracts and breaches is paramount if you are a business owner striving to stay compliant and protect your interests. Here are some of the most common questions the firm hears:

Do business contracts need to be in writing to be enforceable?

Not all business contracts require written documentation for enforceability in New Jersey. However, specific types of agreements necessitate written contracts or are strongly recommended to have one. Contracts that require written documentation include:

  • Sale of real estate
  • Guarantees of another’s debt
  • Agreements lasting over one year
  • Sale of goods exceeding $500
  • Real estate leases longer than one year
  • Contracts in regulated industries like home improvement, health clubs, employment agencies and automotive sales, under the New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act

Knowing these requirements can ensure your business operates within New Jersey’s required legal standards.

What is a breach of contract, and what are common examples in New Jersey?

A breach of contract occurs when one party in an agreement fails to fulfill their obligations under the terms of the agreement without legal justification. Common examples include failures to deliver goods or services as promised, make payments for goods or services, or meet specified deadlines outlined in the contract.

What’s the difference between a minor and a material breach of contract?

A minor breach of contract act occurs when one party in an agreement fails to fulfill specific terms of the agreement but still substantially meets its overall obligations. On the other hand, a material breach occurs when a party fails to perform a crucial aspect of the contract, thus denying the other party the benefits they anticipated from the deal.

If one party is found to breach a contract, what can the other party receive?

The other party may be entitled to various remedies depending on the circumstances. However, New Jersey has strict time frames that usually apply for legal action against breaching parties. Seeking legal advice promptly can expand your options for recourse and potential reparations.

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