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Experienced Construction Litigation Attorney

The prospect of building a “dream home” can be a longtime goal becoming a reality or a living nightmare. An upstart business securing a brick-and-mortar location can be the start of success and significant profits. Regardless of the type of building, the selected construction company should maintain the highest safety and quality standards. Consumers and entrepreneurs fall into a seemingly never-ending money pit when the most basic standards fall short.

Improperly built structures go beyond visible damage and could result in dangerous conditions. Led by attorney Bonnie Weir, The Weir Law Firm, LLC, in Bridgewater, New Jersey, has extensive experience holding construction industry professionals accountable when preventable mistakes occur.

Holding Contractors & Subcontractors Accountable

The Weir Law Firm, LLC is a dedicated, diligent advocate for businesses and homeowners facing construction issues in Somerset County and throughout New Jersey. She takes a proactive and aggressive approach to finding a resolution for clients who may not have received what they paid for and expected. Bonnie knows how to hold contractors and subcontractors accountable for falling short of the most basic expectations. She frequently helps with:

  • Insurance-related issues
  • Defect claims
  • Breach of contract
  • Indemnity disputes

The Skill You Need On Your Side

Construction projects are complex, with disputes taking various forms. A project could see endless delays due to contractors requesting more time or additional compensation beyond what is detailed in the contract. Whether the problem is valid or a way to generate more income with false claims, aggressive representation, and a focus on securing the most favorable outcome is essential.

Bonnie is skilled in partnering with high-end home and commercial property owners, protecting their rights to ensure strict adherence to contracts. Simply put, she can ensure that clients secure everything they paid for, if not more when construction professionals fall woefully short.

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