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Knowing The Process Is Key To A Successful Appeal In New Jersey

Countless legal disputes find a resolution. However, just as many lead to litigation. Attorneys experienced in the courtroom understand that preparation is twofold. Pursue the most favorable outcome in court and develop a trial record that could potentially go on to the appeal process if the opposing party prevails.

Simply put, the initial decision does not mean that the final decision has been rendered.

The Skill Needed To Build Strong Cases

Whether clients are pursuing an appeal or one is filed against them, attending to every detail while protecting their interests is vital.

At The Weir Law Firm, LLC, attorney Bonnie Weir understands that a proactive stance combined with strong arguments can position clients for the desired outcome. She has extensive litigation experience and comprehensive knowledge of appellate courtrooms throughout New Jersey. Providing focused representation in arguing before appellate judges mandates knowledge of both the substantive and procedural requirements imposed by the court.

The Choice Matters

The choice of an appellate attorney is paramount for an appeal to prevail. Witness credibility is usually not under consideration. Arguments must be compelling to identify factual and legal errors that could potentially overturn a previous ruling. A lawyer must possess a comprehensive knowledge of the legal issues involved at the appellate level, including subtleties in the law that provide a foundation for arguments. Attorney Bonnie Weir has the skill and knowledge you need on your side.

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