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What might cause a medical professional to lose their license?

On Behalf of | Apr 24, 2023 | Health Care Law

Doctors and nurses have highly demanding jobs and undergo many years of training to advance in their careers. This means that there is a certain risk of making an intentional or unintentional mistake on the job that could cost a professional their license.

What might cause a medical professional to lose their license in New Jersey?

Erroneously prescribing medication

Knowingly prescribing a medication that a patient does not need or that might harm a patient may result in a loss of license. For example, it would be wrong for a medical professional to continue to prescribe a drug to which they know a patient has an addiction. In addition, it is prohibited for a doctor to prescribe scheduled medications for themselves.

Modifying medical records

There are several reasons why a healthcare provider might modify a patient’s medical records. One reason is to attempt to cover up an error that the worker made when making a diagnosis or prescribing medication. Falsifying records or failing to keep records are grounds for disciplinary action. However, regulations provide a method for making a change to medical records in case of an error.

Sexual misconduct

Sexual misconduct, including asking a patient out on a date in an attempt to have sexual relations, is strictly prohibited in a professional medical environment. Some forms of misconduct may lead to criminal charges as well as disciplinary action.

When everyone in the healthcare environment understands what can cause a medical professional to lose their license and abides by the requirements, a safer environment for patients is established.

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